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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 31, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. right now the skies are finally clearing after some torrential downpours. here's a live look from allentown. coca-cola park lit up tonight. it's dry right now but a different sight in south philly outside citizens bank park earlier this afternoon. blankets of rain coming down. all that rain not going to do much for all the heat we've been experiencing. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. lucy is off. it's a hot one out there. we'll still hit 90 after that rain. that's what it looks like. it's officially our third heat wave of the year. 93 on tuesday. 93 for the high yesterday and we made it to 90 today before those storms. the rain has moved out. the humidity will be dropping tomorrow, but as we go hour by hour, look at the temperatures. 85 degrees by 11:00.
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we're looking at 88 at 1:00 p.m. and a high temperature tomorrow of 91 so that third heat wave will likely be extended into tomorrow. the culprit with the showers and thunderstorms, that cold front. we're not dropping the temperatures but we saw a line of heavy showers and thunderstorms move through the area. in particular the heaviest rain right along the immediate i-95 corridor. we saw an average between about 1 to 2-inches of rainfall south philadelphia also moving toward the cherry hill area as well as the west deptford region. and then as you move into extreme south jersey and central southern sections of delaware you pretty much missed out on the rain that we saw across the area today as that system kind of ran out of gas. so as we go hour by hour overnight tonight, clearing skies, dropping humidity, a lot of sunshine for your friday across the area but once again it remains hot. coming up, your entire weekend forecast, the pocono mountains as well as down the shore with the seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right, scott. thanks. drivers were forced to slow down on i-95 today when the rain came down. remember to tweet us pictures
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and video when it's safe to do using the hashtag fox 29. make sure you're ready for any weather that rolls in with our fox 29 news app. you can see live radar images and have the weather alerts sent to your phone. download the app for free in the apple or google play stores. developing now in philadelphia's hunting park section, police are on the look out tonight for a man who grabbed a five-year-old girl out of her row home and beat her unconscious. fox 29's shawnette wilson live outside the special victims unit. shawnette, this is so frightening and it has neighbors on edge tonight. >> reporter: dawn, those neighbors are in shock. they're in a lot of pain over what happened to this little girl. this little girl survived but with physical scars and emotional ones, too, i'm sure. tonight police are relying on the public to let them know if they saw anything. >> she was laying there. she wasn't moving. >> tears stream down hopkins face as she recalls the terrifying assault her five-year-old daughter endured.
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left with a broken jaw, skull fractures and a bruised stomach. >> to see my child so defenseless and to feel so helpless knowing i can't really do anything to ease her pain is heartbreaking. >> reporter: she says she and her two daughters went to bed monday night in their home on the 2600 block of hutchinson street. >> she said, mommy, make sure we say our prayers. >> reporter: when she woke up tuesday morning the girl was gone. frantic led her to overgrown area behind the house. she found her little girl beaten and in and out of consciousness. she tells me she woke up sometime overnight and came face to face with a man who emerged from her closet. >> the male took hold of her um, literally lifted her up at some point, carried her outside of the property and there physically assaulted her. >> reporter: neighbors who helped look for the girl are still in shock. >> i bust out crying. it hurt. you know, she's a baby.
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a five-year-old baby. you know that could have been -- she's not my family, but like i said, we take it personally and she was considered one of the family. >> i can't even describe it. terrible. >> reporter: tonight she has message for whoever did this to her little girl. >> turn yourself in and you have to be held accountable. >> reporter: back here live, detectives say they interviewed a man who they believe is homeless. they say he may have ties to the neighborhood. that man has been released. he has not been charged. in the meantime police again making a plea to the public to let them know if they saw anything. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. in salem county, a crash sends several people to the hospital tonight. skyfox over the turnpike in carney's point around 7:00. we don't have a lot of details but we do know that two cars were involved. new jersey state patrol telling us there were several injuries but would not detail how many people were hurt. meanwhile this is all that's left of a car that split in half after hitting a tree three people were killed. two others hurt.
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fox 29's dave kinchen is live tonight at the accident investigation division in northeast philadelphia. dave, you spoke to the family of one of those victims tonight? >> reporter: that's right. one of the family members we spoke with, they're absolutely devastated as you can imagine. they have a lot of questions and police have a lot of questions, too. >> it's hard, because we keep expecting her to walk in the door, and she's not going to walk in the door. >> reporter: sandra rhodes still finds it hard to believe her 17-year-old daughter sabrina rhodes is gone. >> she wanted to be a hairdresser. she wanted to be a coroner. coast guard. she wanted to do everything. >> reporter: the george washington high school senior and two other friends died after this 2007 acura tl got split in two when it slammed into a tree wednesday night. another teen suffered critical injuries. >> it's a horrible feeling. i don't wish that on nobody. not even my enemy to have to get that kind of a phone call.
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>> i really miss her and i love her and i just wish she was still here with us. >> reporter: police want to know if the driver was street racing down a stretch of sandemire lane off red lion road when they crashed in northeast philadelphia. investigators believe the acura was doing more than 75 miles per hour. >> it could have been the boys showing off and scaring them you know, like, and didn't expect that to happen, and it did. >> reporter: police say the driver survived and is cooperating. >> when we talked to the driver, he was still traumatized and didn't really remember a whole lot about it. >> reporter: sabrina's mom worried about dangerous driving with friends before. >> i tell her, don't get in the car, and maybe it's not the same people. i don't know for sure. >> reporter: while police continued to investigate, the rhodes family is preparing to say a final goodbye to a daughter and sister who brought joy to so many lives. >> i love her to death, and she was such a good person and --
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>> police also want to speak to the driver of another vehicle that was at the scene. police do not suspect alcohol or drugs to be involved. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. police are trying to track down the guy who beat, tied up and then robbed an elderly man in his own home. police in west vincent township, chester county released this sketch of the suspect. the attack started with a knock on the door the house on burnett school road sunday night. the suspect asked if the homeowner was having any water problems. the victim said no but the suspect forced his way into the home. police say he punched the man and tied him to a bed. the suspect got away with money, jewelry, prescription medicine and a laptop. upper darby man sentenced to six months in jail after hitting and killing an 18-year-old lacrosse star. jonathan vanderhorse learned his fate today. jurors convicted him last month in the january 2014 crash that killed dante desimone. vanderhorse was driving his truck when he lost control jumped a curb and slammed into desimone. jurors cleared him of homicide
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by vehicle while driving under the influence and aggravated assault while driving under the influence. a popular restaurant in media is closed indefinitely after a fire that happened at the iron hill brewery this morning. skyfox over the scene where you see firefighters on the roof working to put the fire out. no word right now on how that fire started. philly fans are buzzing tonight waiting for that official word cole hamels is no longer a phillie. howard eskin here now with where the trade stands. howard. >> this may be one of the all-time longest periods of time to complete a trade. phillies and rangers agreed to the trade involving cole hamels and jake diekman for six minor league players from the rangers. that was last night. but nothing right now is official. it's interesting that as far as cole hamels is concerned, the trade is done. his nameplate was still above his locker in the clubhouse, but there was no signs of cole hamels at the ballpark tonight. as far as he's concerned, he's
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no longer a phillie. what was interesting jake diekman was in uniform and in the bullpen but no way the phillies would use him. diekman did get a little antsy, left the bullpen to check on things and walked back between innings. there are reports that there is no problems with the trade. just takes awhile with physicals. a possible issue transferring an insurance policy with one of the texas minor leaguers but it's just a matter of time to finally get the deal finalized. iain? >> all right, howard, thanks. we have mixed reaction from phillies fans about cole hamels leaving town. a lot of people we spoke to today were divided about this move. >> i definitely think it was time to move on, you know, all good things come to an end. i appreciate his time here and championship they gave us. let's go, phils! >> it would be selfish of me to want to keep him here. on the other hand, i want to see him have a great career somewhere else. because he did just about everything that he could for us. it's just going to not be the same without him.
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>> it will not be. we've got more on the trade coming up in sports later in the show, and we want to hear from you. head to our fox 29 philly facebook page and voice your opinions about this trade. >> upper providence police are looking for a woman who they say stole $3,000 from vfw post that disappeared on july 20th. that's in royersford. newspaper deliveryperson said they thought something was suspicious when they saw car in the parking lot at 3:00 in the morning and they alerted police. >> drivers watch in horror as this guy darts under a passing train. rolling back and forth on the tracks. what he did when witnesses tried to get him to stop. a thief targets a little boy just waiting for his mom at work. >> who would take a -- i-pad from a four years old? >> that's a good question. what witnesses saw out the front window right before this guy struck. plus a disturbing find on the front lawn of a famous church. what the pastor is calling an
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act of terrorism. and worms in the water pouring out of faucets in the sinks and bathtubs. >> you're thinking, i drank these things. i showered with these things. >> you sit in the tub, you got worms in your tub. where are they going? are they crawling up you? >> the mystery tonight no one can figure out.
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who done it mystery in media delaware county. replica of a masterpiece sitting inside the philadelphia museum of art is swiped off an art display
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there. many people who took note of the picasso missing it. it had been up for while before it was swiped. fox 29's chris o'connell in media tonight. chris ,you got new information for us? >> reporter: iain, dawn, the mystery of the missing pablo picasso may be solved tonight. if you know media, they love their art here. you got the media theater here on state street. but right across the street was part of a public art exhibition. one of the pieces of art a replica of a famous painting was stripped, ripped right off this post here earlier this week, and tonight we have learned that painting has been found. >> you got to love the artwork around here. >> reporter: you can call it the great media art heist. >> it brings the quality of art to people that normally don't experience it. >> reporter: media is one of five local towns to house the philadelphia museum of art's inside out program where high-quality replicas of famous artwork are displayed in public places.
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>> they were taking the paintings that were hanging inside putting them out here so people could get exposure experience ,and we saw so many people walk up and look at them. >> reporter: but apparently someone is a big fan of pablo picasso. >> i think it's nice. i think they're trying to educate people. >> reporter: the empty post outside of media elementary school used to look like this. a reproduction of picasso's self portrait with pallet but last weekend someone literally ripped it off. price tag, over two grand. it happened sometime on friday or saturday right across the street from a public surveillance camera. >> first off they had too many drinks probably. second off, it's a little bit of disgrace for the neighborhood. >> reporter: but fox 29 has learned the stolen painting has been turned in to media police this afternoon by what's been described as an unrelated third party. police won't say who, but they are still looking for the thief. >> immaturity. just juveniles do, and if
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you're an adult and you do it, you need to learn a lesson. >> reporter: now, even though the painting is back in police custody, it will not be coming back on display. coincidentally, the public art project exhibition is set to actually end tomorrow but those paintings will be showing up in five other local towns later this summer. iain. >> all right, chris, thank you. scary moments for convenience store worker as a robber jumps over the counter to get some cash. the pantry one on the 1300 block of collings avenue in camden was hit yesterday morning. employees say the robber jumped back over the counter after pocketing the money. no one was hurt. almost three years later and super storm sandy is still wreaking havoc on some new jersey residents. new study found that people in more than a quarter of the 100,000 homes hit by the storm are experiencing some type of mental health distress. some are even experiencing post traumatic stress symptoms in addition to recurring mold
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problems related to that storm in october of 2012. a west chester university employee tests positive for legionnaires' disease, severe form of pneumonia. the university alerted both students and staff but was enough done to keep everyone on campus safe? fox 29 weekend anchor bill anderson spoke with one parent who's pretty upset over how this has all been handled. ♪ >> reporter: with the recent outbreak of legionnaires' disease leaving two dead and several others sick in new york city, there was obviously concern when word got out about an employee who had tested positive with legionnaires' disease here at west chester university. campus is pretty quiet right now during the summer months. bryce nutter's 12-year-old was at basketball camp for the last week. when he heard he wanted more information and he wanted her out. >> yes, we heard about one building that had higher levels was where the children and the basketball camp were eating.
3:17 am
so we were concerned and pulled her out. >> reporter: it actually wasn't one building that tested with higher than acceptable levels of legionella bacteria, it was eight, and mr. nutter was not only upset about that, but also the fact that the university didn't alert the parents of the possible risks. >> i really would have like to have been involved in the original decision on whether to keep the children in camp when they found out last week that there was more than normal levels of the bacteria. >> reporter: west chester university officials didn't want to go on camera but a letter that was sent to all employees acknowledging an employee with legionnaires' disease and the buildings with higher than acceptable levels of bacteria. but also pointed out that a remediation firm was hired to make sure all buildings were cleared. even so, mr. nutter thinks the situation should have been handled better. >> i could have lost my temper on the phone with west chester university but i waited a little while to call them. but still i'm very, very angry. >> reporter: guys, the
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incubation period for legionnaires' disease can be as long as two weeks. so mr. nutter said he'll wait and he'll watch his daughter. what he won't do is wait for west chester university's response. he says that they'll be hearing from him in the very near future. he's still pretty angry. here in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. changes are coming for those who ride the septa trolley into center city philadelphia. starting on friday at 10 at night service on five trolley routes will be disrupted. the 10, 11, 13, 34 and 36 trollies will not take you all the way into the city. that's because repairs are being made to the tunnel that gets you there. septa says it will take about two weeks to complete. during that time the trolleys will drop you off at the market frankford lines 40th street station. >> east park canoe house along kelly drive is getting a $5 million makeover. it will be the future home of temple rowing and crew teams and the philadelphia police marine unit. athletes are getting a new office and some storage space
3:19 am
while the police have second floor upgraded with much better view of the river. mayor nutter at the ground-breaking says it's a win/win especially for the students. >> philadelphia is the number one sports town in the united states of america, and rowing will only get better and temple has its own boat house. congratulations. (applause) >> east park canoe house first opened in june of 1914. renovations should take at least a year to finish. accused shoplifters on the run trying to get away from security guards hot on their tail. what they sprayed on those guards to make their get away. a family pulls into a wal*mart parking lot and walks in leaving their two-year-old in the car. what her mom told police really happened that landed her in handcuffs. >> plus a chance to get on the last american idol had people lining up outside our studios for hours this morning. the auditions you have to see. ♪ >> but first here's a look at your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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>> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening, everybody. gentlemen, start your engines. it's nascar weekend at the pocono speedway. that will throw a lot of extra volume our way during the day tomorrow. penndot will be working on the roosevelt boulevard taking out the right lane, and this weekend begins septa trolley blitz. they will not be running trains in the tunnel all trains will stop at 40th and market and hook up with the market frankford line. tomorrow morning load up the car, we're going to avalon. see you bright and early in the morning.
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>> thieves striking malls outside washington, d.c. but it's how they're getting away that's got police concerned. take a look at this man and woman running with boxes of stolen expensive perfume. when security guards try to stop them, she hits them with pepper spray. this has happened several times in recent months in different malls. up to a dozen people have jumped in on this crime trend. the use of pepper spray ups the crime from robbery to assault. police are still looking for that pair. >> former university of cincinnati police officer pleads not guilty today to charges of murdering an unarmed black man during a traffic stop. grand jury indicted 25-year-old ray tensing yesterday in the july 19th shooting of 43-year-old samuel
3:24 am
dubose. tensing is accused of fatally shooting dubose after stopping him for a missing license plate. prosecutors described tensing as a loose cannon but his attorney says there is another side to the story. >> he was fearful for his own life. he thought he was going to die. he thought he'd be sucked under that car and run over as he was pulling away from him. >> that's why he fired? >> that's why he fired. >> it just turns my stomach that a police officer would act like this. >> the judge set tensing's bond at $1 million saying he's a possible flight risk. he's due back in court next month. this guy dubbed the ak47 bandit. fbi says heavily armed bank robber hit a credit union in iowa early this week and made off with cash. but it's not his first. the fbi released this video of another heist last year in nebraska city. they say he's also shot a police officer during a robbery back in 2012. the officer did survive. right now $100,000 reward is offered for any information leading to his arrest.
3:25 am
the hunt is on for escaped pennsylvania inmate. police say he may have killed a woman while on the run. 38-year-old robert christman escaped from the armstrong county jail about 6:30 this morning while delivering meals to other inmates. he was in jail for violating probation on a drug charge and he was trusted by the staff there. the body of a 55-year-old woman was discovered at a home near the jail. no word on why authorities think he may have killed the woman. drivers watch in horror as this guy darts under a passing train rolling back and forth on the tracks. >> kind of crazy. i never seen anything like that before, you know. hell, i thought he was a stunt man. >> it's no stunt man. what he did with witnesses trying to get him to stop. scott? >> iain, right now the showers and thunderstorms from earlier moving out but find out what's moving in for your friday and upcoming weekend next. >> and no more waiting in line at your favorite coffee shops.
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the new app promising to help you skip the crowds when you want to cup of joe. ♪
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right now at 10:30, finally a break from that humidity and it's all thanks to this. pounding rain that hit across the area late this afternoon. you can barely see the skyline
3:29 am
there in the city when the rain rolled in, but live look from reading tonight. it's dry and all that rain in case you're wondering not going to do anything to break this heat. how long the heat will last coming up in a few minutes. >> still developing tonight u.s. congressman chaka fattah standing tall. despite an indictment he's telling supporters he's going to be around in office for years to come. chaka fattah making that statement a day after the feds hit him with 29 count corruption indictment. >> jeff cole is tracking new developments tonight. please join me in welcoming to the stage our 2015 advocate of year given to congressman chaka fattah. (applause) >> reporter: one day after being pummeled with 29 count federal corruption indictment, chaka fattah was in washington, d.c. being celebrated by a black business organization. he stood defiant. >> i don't want anyone who's thinking about this to spend any time thinking that i'm not going to be here doing this
3:30 am
work. i'm going to be here. (applause) >> reporter: the indictment accuses the 20 year member of the house of among other charges taking in illegal $1 million campaign loan and using federal dollars and money from a charity to pay it off. >> the conduct that congressman fattah engaged in undermines public faith in government, undermins confidence in government. >> reporter: fattah who claims he's done nothing wrong attack the u.s. attorney for what he think very weak case. >> so we're not going to substitute the views of the voters for an unenthusiastic determined prosecutor who somehow thinks that maybe i shouldn't be doing what i'm doing. >> reporter: back in philly, the gate was closed at fattah's city home. while at city hall the mayor was signing a bill forcing disclosure by independent groups fumbling cash to city candidates. >> it's now the law.
3:31 am
>> nutter would not comment on whether fattah should remain in office while he fights the corruption charges but said while most politicians follow the law, allegations like these damage them all. >> it's never good for any of us in elective office. it's never good for the city. it's never good for our citizens. >> reporter: representative fattah's wife, channel 10 actor renee' chenault-fattah is not charged in the case but is linked to it in an alleged scheme to sell her porsche. representative fattah stepped down today from his leadership role on the board of the congressional black caucus. in the newsroom, jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> cars stopped at a train crossing when something incredibly dangerous starts happening right in front of them. so of course one guy grabs his cell phone and caught his guy rolling under the passing train and not just once. witnesses say he did this several times back and forth. so cars started honking trying to get him to stop. that's when he did something
3:32 am
strange. he just pointed at the witnesses and kept going. >> when i see him cross the other side, those people from the other side surprised, too. look at this guy. look at this guy is crazy. >> the guy was kind of crazy. i never seen anything like that before. i thought he was a stunt man. >> he's no stunt man. get this. it may not have been the first time he's done this. the train company says if he's caught, he can get a ticket. wow! >> now to your fox 29 weather authority. the storms have rolled on out but it's still hot out. >> that's right. the humidity is going to be dropping, dawn and iain, but tomorrow will likely hit 91 again similar to today's high temperature. before the rainfall we hit the low 90s. but right now, all of the rain is moving out. that front it's moving through but once again it's really not going to drop the temperatures. we saw that line of heavy
3:33 am
downpours approach the north and west early this afternoon it moved right along the immediate i-95 corridor. then pushed into parts of south jersey, central, southern sections of delaware kind of missed out on most of the rain. but on average we saw about half an inch officially in philadelphia some higher amounts up to 2-inches once you move into parts of south jersey but once again, that rainfall, you can see, as we go back in time, it moved right over the heart of the area, and right now we are rain free. the clouds will diminish overnight tonight as well along with that lowering humidity. a lot of sunshine for your friday out there. so don't forget the sunscreen. it is going to warm up pretty rapidly with that drier air. drier air actually heats up a little more rapid than moist air. across the area as we take look at the almanac for today 77 degrees was the low this morning. 91 degrees was the high temperature before those showers and thunderstorms moved through. 87 is where we should be for this time of year. so what's ahead? we're talking about the humidity dropping overnight. 90-degree temperatures will continue into the weekend. in fact, it will stay dry as well as hot for most.
3:34 am
down the shore for your friday, 86 degrees. we'll have a land breeze. it's to be sunny and warm. don't forget that sunscreen. saturday, sunday temperatures in the low 80s. it will be breezy with more of a sea breeze. water temperatures in the low 70s and what about the pocono mountains? big nascar weekend there. beautiful weather. less humidity for friday. 80 degrees. low 80s on saturday. and picture perfect on sunday with a high of 80 degrees. 79 right now in philadelphia. humidity still up there at 84%. so it feels like 82. but the humidity will be dropping overnight and tomorrow. temperatures pretty uniform mid to upper 70s out there. look at the dew points. the measure of moisture. dew points still in the 70s for philadelphia. but take a look. toward pittsburgh already into the 50s once you get into the 50s it's definitely more refreshing. so for tonight, clearing skies, lowering humidity, mid 60s low 70s 91 degrees so it looks like that heat wave will continue, but we have that break from the humidity.
3:35 am
92 on saturday in the city as well as sunday. so the heat wave continues for the month of august it looks like, and then not as hot by next thursday, temperatures right around 85 degrees. >> 85 seems cool all of a sudden. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> a family pulls into a wal*mart parking lot and walks in leaving their two-year-old in the car. what her mom told police really happened that landed her in handcuffs. >> and worms in the water. the pouring out of faucets and into sinks and bath tubs. community completely grossed out. the mystery tonight nobody can figure out. >> a thief comes crashing into this small restaurant not once but three times. but he wasn't just after the cash. what else police say he made off with. ♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪
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check this out. one bold thief police say he broke into a georgia restaurant three times in nine days. you can see him here emptying all the money from the cash register into a bag. police say he came back 90 minutes later that same night and then stole $4,000 worth of meat from a freezer. then nine days later he was back again. this time he even took the tip jar. he is still on the run tonight.
3:39 am
in your money tonight airbnb taking over rentals. travelers are choosing to ditch hotel reservations for airbnb cheaper options. it doesn't rent long term. some advocacy groups are now getting involved. >> not sure if you have enough time to grab a cup of coffee on your way to work? google maps has you covered. a new update to the service will now show potential wait times at coffee shops and restaurants helping you to avoid a wasted trip or lengthy wait. it's not just restaurants. want to hit the gym on monday night? google maps will warn you whether or not it's busy. the new feature is available to google maps users in the android app and will appear in searches performed on both the chrome and safari apps for ios. people in one texas town are completely disgusted and with good reason. >> they say they can't drink their water, they can't cook
3:40 am
or even bathe or shower and it's because of this. worms are in the water coming out of their faucets and no one knows why. about 200 homes are seeing them. the water company told residents there was an electrical problem. then a water main broke regardless they want it fixed. >> i felt sick to my stomach. you're thinking, i drank these things. i showered with these things. >> i don't want to bathe in it. i don't want to wash in it. i don't want none of these people drinking it. >> businesses have been forced to shut down because of this disgusting problem. water company says the entire system was flushed and chlorinated then hope it gets rid of the worm. >> hopefully. >> a thief targets a little boy just waiting for his mom at work. witnesses saw out front window right before this guy struck. also, disturbing find on the front lawn of a famous church. what the pastor is calling an act of terrorism.
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3:43 am
teenaged thief rips an i-pad right out of the hands of a four-year-old little boy, and it was all caught on surveillance video. it happened inside the south florida salon last friday. the owner of the salon says the suspect made couple of passes back and forth in front of the salon and got a clear shot of a little boy with an i-pad. he grabs it and then runs away.
3:44 am
>> it felt a little bit sad that who would take an i-pad from a four years old? >> thankfully that little boy whose mom worked at the salon was not hurt. federal investigators are trying to find those responsible for leaving confederate flags outside an atlanta church. >> it's a property with ties to martin luther king, jr. fox's jonathan serrie has the outrage from atlanta tonight. >> reporter: worker making a troubling find at the ebenezer baptist church here in atlanta. several confederate flags placed on the property. the act seen by the church's pastor as symbol of hate. >> this is the same as a swastika on the campus of a jewish temple. this is an act of domestic terrorism. >> reporter: federal and local officials investigating the incident at the church where dr. martin luther king jr. once preached next to the mlk center for non-violent
3:45 am
social change as well as national park service land preserving king's legacy. atlanta's police chief says two white males were caught on surveillance cameras placing the flags. >> it's clear to us. we've got some good strong physical evidence that we're working with right now, and we look forward to bringing this to conclusion. >> reporter: the incident comes just weeks after nine were killed at a prominent black church in charleston south carolina. suspected shooter dylann roof posing with confederate flag and writing comments on his website. they removed the confederate battle flag from capitol grounds and igniting a national debate about the confederate flag place in modern america. authorities are still determining what charges could be filed in this case, and so far they're not ruling out hate crimes. in atlanta, jonathan serrie, fox news. >> scary moments at dallas-fort worth international airport today. a fire evacuated a spirit
3:46 am
airplane. passenger took these photos from his seat. they show the fire and crews working to put it out. the airline says the plane's wheels caught on fire as it was landing. it's a warning we hear over and over again. don't leave your children in the car especially in the blistering heat of summer. but that's exactly what surveillance cameras near phoenix caught one family doing. a two-year-old girl left in the car while her mom, brother and uncle went inside wal*mart. police showed up and within a few minutes pulled her out of the car safely. 20 minutes later her family walked back out and police were waiting. their reason, they forgot the two-year-old was with them. >> it doesn't make sense to me you're telling me you forgot. once you got here you forgot you had a small child in the car with you. it would be more believable after few minutes you guys came back out. >> you could hear police are not buying this story. they arrested the mom and she's facing criminal charge. >> george h.w. bush having a sense of humor about a recent
3:47 am
fall that broke a bone in his neck. former president tweeted a picture of himself today wearing a neck brace smiling with two thumbs up. the caption reading "who knew jumping out of a plane was safer than getting out of bed?" he thanked everyone for their kind get well wishes. you may remember back in june of last year he went skydiving for his 90th birthday. bush fell at his vacation home earlier this month but he's expected to make a full recovery. people lined up around our station today trying to be the next and last american idol. it was a wild morning of tryout. >> that it was. fox 29's quincy harris was there for all the fun and games. >> ground-breaking show american idol is nearing its last season. the show produced stars such as kelly clarkson, carrie underwood and oscar winner jennifer hudson to name a few. this morning we held our very own fox 29 philly idol competition. the winners receives a silver ticket which grants them a second round audition with idol producers and a meet and greet with american idol judges keith urban, harry
3:48 am
connick, jr. and jennifer lopez. many philly hopefuls came out for their chance for super stardom. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ our judges have a very hard decision to make. but they have an extensive background in music. the legendary architects of the philadelphia sound kenny gamble and leon huff, patti jackson of wdas radio, dj cosmic kev of power 99 and american idol expert jennaphr frederick. >> do not sing whitney or adele unless you can sing whitney or adele. get to the hook people are starting in the beginning, no good. and just like cosmic kev look the part, act the part.
3:49 am
>> i think your style has to match your talent. bring your a game. like that's the bottom line. >> finding a great singer or great performer is like finding a needle in haystack. >> there's opportunity for the talent and i think it's a great thing. >> reporter: the big question is, who wins fox 29 philly idol with a chance to compete to be the american idol? you have to tune in tomorrow on "good day philadelphia" to see who walks away with the silver ticket. >> three finalists will be performing live tomorrow on good day starting at 6am right here on fox 29. good luck. all right. let's check in with howard. what's coming up in sports? >> one of the all-time fights in phillies game 16 years ago on this day. might be the best i've ever seen, and the latest on the cole hamels deal. when the heck will it be official? i'll have the latest when the deal could be done and that's coming up in sports. ♪
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coming up a young woman shot dead in her port richmond home with her two year old daughter also inside.
3:53 am
dare devil tempt fate, right under a moving train. you think this is out of florida? we will take you to texas for this crazy one coming up. everyone, everyone is waiting for the cole hamels trade to texas to become official. nothing yet. but the reports are there's just -- no problems. just a long process with the six minor league players from texas that would come back to the phillies. got to do physicals. cole hamels did not show up at the ballpark tonight. he knows he's gone. obviously why would he show up? the other player involved in the deal with hamels was there. but there was a game to be played. it was not one of those games that had you on the edge of your seat. let's go to citizens bank park. that's jake diekman. he's traded, too. sat in the bullpen. they knew they couldn't use him, but he sat there and played with people, walk off one time. another time he came back. carlos ruiz 1,000th game for the phillies gets rbi gives the phillies the lead in the
3:54 am
four-21. domonic brown is unbelievably bad. all right. now, watch this. now, he's safe, but watch the replay, because atlanta challenges after -- the fielder held the ball on him and he stepped off the bag. he was out. just to show that you a broken clock is right twice a day. domonic brown hits a homerun in the sixth inning, his first of the year. he's got one more shot because we know it's twice a day broken clock is right. all right. kenny giles second save for the phillies. phillies win it four-one over atlanta and guess who got a save today? mr. happy, there he is. jonathan papelbon, what a sweet guy. have fun in washington. he gets the save. washington beats miami. the score there one to nothing. all right. 16 years ago today on this date the phillies and the atlanta braves played at that time one of the best brawls you will see. let's go back to 1999 in atlanta.
3:55 am
paul berg was the phillies pitcher. he hits eddie perez. that was the second time he hit him in five days. but when paul berg came up -- eddie perez is the catcher. i mean and everybody everybody got into this one. mike lieberthal was the catcher. rico, was with the team, number two there. scott rolen was with the team. they had big hitters and so did atlanta. ryan clesko with atlanta. they're just throwing bodies around. this was beautiful. there's ryan clesko. the pitcher for the phillies. i mean it was -- you'll never see a brawl like that again. everybody will get suspended. by the way paul berg was not suspended in that fight but eddie perez was. it really is a beautiful thing. so just to understand this. physicals are an important thing. they have to get it done. the trade is going to happen. i'm sure the texas wanted cole hamels to pitch tomorrow night because they're playing an important series against san francisco where their best
3:56 am
pitcher is going. that looks like it can't happen now. it wouldn't shock me. cole hamels is already in texas but the reality is there will be another trade before the deadline tomorrow? i'm not sure. but it's not a big deal because those players can pass their waivers and trade them in august. we'll see what happens. >> heat wave continues. >> yes, that's right. more 90-degree temperatures in the city but down the shore, pocono mountains looking pretty good. >> all right. sounds good. full hour of entertainment news coming up next with tmz followed by dish nation, then tune into chasing news and the simpsons. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly have your weather and traffic. ♪
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>> a single gunshot to the head leaves a single mother dead. >> chaka fattah after being slapped with a 29 count indictment and how much he's accused of stealing. putting together a pieces after i plane. investigators are hoping to learn more about a plane from a boeing 777 why officials think this could lead them to more about the missing malaysian airline flight. >> friday, july 31, 2015. >> last day of the month. >> last day of the week. >> true. >> any last words. >> no. >> i'll tell you one thing. it's nice outside but humid inside.


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